Coast to Coast Summer Festivals

This summer, 32 YOLA students joined other young musicians at music festivals across the country. Festivals included: Boston University Tanglewood Institute (pictured above, 3 students), Interlochen Arts Academy (13 students), Idyllwild Arts (5 students), Pacific Crest Music Festival (7 students), New England Conservatory Summer Orchestra Institute (4 students), and of course, YOLA National Festival (22 students).

Bassoonists Ingrid Hernandez and Carlos Cano, who participated in both the Boston University Tanglewood Institute (bottom photo) and YOLA National (top photo), noted the musical variances between the two coasts. “It’s interesting because there are different technicalities in making the reeds,” Ingrid said, also citing a difference in vibrato. Both highlight the people and community as the best parts of both festivals.

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