Donor Voices: Barbara Mortensen

Barbara Mortensen attended her first opera at the age of five. Her love for music started there and has never slowed down. Today, she and her husband Maury are doing everything they can to make sure future generations have the same opportunities to hear great music at a young age. Barbara and Maury recently made the momentous decision to leave a significant portion of their estate to the LA Phil. 

"Living out in the desert [Palm Springs], we don't get to come to concerts in Los Angeles very often, but when Gustavo Dudamel came and the LA Phil became so committed to education -- that is when we decided to support the orchestra. I really believe you have to expose children to music. If you don't provide access for future generations, you are going to lose this art form that you love."

Barbara is more than simply a financial supporter of music. She puts her beliefs into practice by working tirelessly to promote the Metropolitan Opera's live HD broadcasts in the Desert and by organizing school programs for children in Palm Springs to attend concerts and operas throughout the year.

"Children might not love classical music when they first are exposed to it, but you have to give them the chance. You have to give them the opportunity to start on this path to love something that could be with them for their whole lives." 

To other donors considering a philanthropic gift, Barbara advises, "We're not rich people, but we do what we can. Everyone can do something. If you love music, you can do something to support it. It's as easy as that."

The LA Phil thanks Barbara and Maury for everything they do for the LA Phil and the arts across Southern California. The future of music in our community is in good shape because of leaders like them. 

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