LA Phil 100 Tour – Where in the World is the LA Phil?

In 1967, the LA Phil embarked on a tour around the world that was unprecedented in the history of U.S. orchestras. 108 musicians. 41 concerts. 12 countries. 23 cities. 20,000 miles. 23,000 pounds of instruments, wardrobe, and luggage. Then-Music Director Zubin Mehta (age 31) and pianist André Watts (age 21) led the LA Phil on its most ambitious world tour – then or since.

(Above: Mehta with Archbishop Makarios of Nicosia (Cyprus) during the 1967 World Tour.)

As part of its Centennial celebrations, the LA Phil is again traversing three continents – beginning last spring with our concerts in South Korea and Japan, continuing this summer with our first appearance at the Edinburgh International Festival in more than 15 years, and coming to a close next fall with a trip to Mexico City and Europe. 

As with all LA Phil tours, musicians from Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) play an important part. Fifteen musicians from Dudamel’s signature program joined the LA Phil in March on the Korean leg of the Asia tour, participating in a cultural exchange with 65 musicians from the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service, El Sistema Korea: Orchestra of Dreams, and an open rehearsal conducted by Gustavo Dudamel.

(Above: Dudamel conducting student orchestra in Seoul.)

Later this summer, twenty YOLA and YOLA National musicians (students from diverse regions across the U.S.) will be joining the LA Phil in Edinburgh, participating in a cultural exchange with 60 young musicians from Big Noise Raploch, Sistema Scotland, which will culminate in an open rehearsal conducted by Gustavo Dudamel (August 4). YOLA will also be performing side-by-side with the LA Phil as part of the performance on Friday, August 2.

Finally, an orchestra of 80 YOLA musicians will be traveling with Dudamel and the LA Phil to Mexico City to participate in an ongoing cultural exchange between Los Angeles and the Mexican capital that began with 2017’s CDMX Festival at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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