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At the heart of the LA Phil’s Centennial season are 54 newly commissioned works that the LA Phil will premiere for Southern California audiences. In honor of this historic undertaking, the LA Phil has created the Commissions Council – a core group of philanthropists whose collective investment will define the future of orchestral music in Los Angeles and around the world. 

For nearly a decade, Music & Artistic Director Gustavo Dudamel and John and Samantha Williams Creative Chair John Adams have been curating new music at the LA Phil with an eye toward advancing the art form, championing living artists, and diversifying the voices represented on our stages. Of this work, Dudamel has said: “We have been changing the way people think about classical music, about everything. That doesn’t happen in other places.” 

It is no accident that it happens here. It is the result of generous donors who make significant, sustained investments in the future of music. Composer Andrew Norman (who also directs the LA Phil’s Nancy and Barry Sanders Composer Fellowship Program for high school-age composers) recognized the LA Phil’s fertile ground in a recent interview:

“In L.A., there is this sense of wide-open possibility,” Norman said. “Relatively speaking, it’s much more possible here to come up with some wild, crazy idea and then find people willing to support it.”

One of those willing people is longtime LA Phil donor and new music champion Raulee Marcus. As she puts it, “There’s a lot of engagement with the actual composers if you’re involved in new music. I would have loved to have met Beethoven, but I get to meet today’s Beethovens.”

The LA Phil is deeply thankful to Marcus and every member of the Commissions Council. Contact Robert Albini at 213.972.3516 or to find out more about supporting new music at the LA Phil. 

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